You’ve got to put it in to get it out. My mother-in-law has given us some Soilplants from her garden. I must admit, I don’t have the greenest of thumbs. We also don’t have the greatest soil here, which means amending the soil or getting good soil and putting it in pots. I’ve opted to add potting soil to normal soil in pots. It takes work to get these plants going.  

It’s the same in business. Some time ago, I joined a Multi-Level-Marketing business, but didn’t really understand how much work I needed to put into it. So, I haven’t been very successful. This year, I’ve started working at it more. I love how the product, essential oils, brings God’s bounty into our home and family life, and I know I’ll see fruit from my efforts. 

Which brings us back to Firstfruits. The people of Israel only got their first harvest for free. When they walked across the Jordan River bed, they walked into a harvest in progress (they had just celebrated Passover, so it was time for the barley harvest). Every year after that, they had to work for their food. Farming, like gardening or business, is labor-intensive. They put the work in far before they could reap the benefits. The soil had to be prepared, seed sown, weeds pulled, and varmints had to be chased off for months before it could be harvested and brought before the Lord. All that work without seeing the end result. It takes faith and trust that God will provide the harvest to put so much effort into it. 

Whatever your handGod calls us to obedience, to action, to work. We can only act in faith. The work we do must be the best. Our first effort. We can’t do it half-way. God is in the all-or-nothing business. We are to work for Him, regardless of who our boss is. So, whether it’s a garden, a crop, or a business….we must have enough faith in His provision to put our every effort into the process. Only when He provides the result can we give Him the first of it.